Arun Patwardhan

Hi, Im an Apple Certified Master Trainer – Technical working with Evolve – Apple Authorised Training Center. I teach people how to make the most out of the Apple products that they own or plan to buy. iOS App Development is another thing that I teach.

I write about a lot of different things related to Mobile devices & computers. Feel free to share your thoughts about them. You can reach me by contacting me through the Contact Me page.

Certifications I have completed: Apple Registry

Here are some of the courses that I teach.

iOS for Beginners

New to the world of Apple mobile devices? This course will help you discover the different features of the devices & how to use them best.

macOS for Beginners

New to the Mac? This course helps you find your way around the mac & make the best use of it.

Productivity through iWork

Learn to make great documents, reports, presentations, spreadsheets, costing sheets, books, flyers, stationary & free running slideshows.

macOS Server

Master the Server on your Mac. Learn to provide a wide variety of services to your organisation or even within your house.

macOS Support

Learn to use the Mac at its fullest. This course covers the different aspects of the OS & guides you towards supporting & troubleshooting your Mac.

C++ Programming

Learn C & C++ Programming. The course covers the basics & assumes no prior knowledge of programming.  

iOS App Development

Learn to make great apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in just 10 days!


One thought on “Home

  1. Dear Sir,
    This is Tathagata from Lexmark International India. I came accross your profile from google search. I develop device drivers and applications for Mac OS X. Recently we took decision to go for automating our testing – both the GUI part and functional. But I’m unable to find any such tool that will cater to our need. EggPlant / Sikuli is there but that is totally Image technology based. We have around 3500 test cases in our test bucket. So creating EggPlant script ready for all the test case is a challenging job. And I feel a simple change in GUI will make those scripts useless. My team is not proficient in using Apple Script or Automator. In such a position I’m looking for some expert suggestion. I feel you can provide us with valuable knowledge and guidance in this regard.

    Please let me know your email id and contact number so that I can send you a mail from my official mail id and contact you over phone for further discussion.

    Tathagata Ghosh
    ISS R&D, Kolkata
    Lexmark International Inc.
    Email: taghosh@lexmark.com
    Contact: 033-40204444 Extn: 4919 (Office)
    Mobi: 8697202459 / 9674888910

    Ps: I have sent you same stuff on fb.

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