Attention to Details

One of the most defining things to come out of the Mobility Development revolution is the renewed focus on the User Experience. 

User experience is not a new concept. It has been there around since the beginning. The introduction of GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), & the mouse was one of the first steps taken towards making the users experience better. Its the first thing that people notice. At the launch of a new product people are curious to know how a particular product will look like.

Its the one thing that people say about Apple’s products. “They just look good”. Different companies have tried in their own way to make the User Experience a wonderful experience. But just what makes it click. 

As users we are able to tell when a product looks great & when it doesn’t or lacks in some aspect. This fact is highlighted even more in Mobile Devices. Attention to Detail.

This is most visible in Gaming. Introducing the effects of gravity to give a realistic feel, making sure objects move in the manner & direction in which people expect upon collision, or just moving the screen elements in accordance to the phone. Many of these changes are subtle. We as users would not even realize these things. But we will know for sure if they are absent. It takes some degree of effort to get the attention to detail in place.

A point to note. Im many cases, adding these small features may not improve or enhance the performance/utility at all. But they add a huge advantage in that it gives the user a feeling that he/she is using a great product. Putting in that little extra effort does have an additional value.

BOTTOM LINE: Put in the extra effort to add those nice features to your app. Either something that makes the app look & feel more realistic &/or something that increases the visual appeal of the app.


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