Programming Style Guide – The Need for programming standards

Programming Style Guide refers to the conventions followed while writing programs. This guide is going to be a series of blogs highlighting different programming standards. The series will try to cover as many standards as possible, focus will be on common and popular standards.

But why the need for programming standards? Standards help software developers design software in such a way that it is easy to read, understand, maintain & expand. It provides a consistent experience & also speeds up the way in which software development is done.

A program written with the best standards kept in mind is self explanatory, easy to read, can be built on, & is a stable piece of software

This specific article will act as a Content list for all the articles written as a part of this series. The examples are from the Swift & C++ programming languages.

  1. Naming Conventions
  2. Code Refactoring
  3. Programming Style Guide: Documentation
  4. Programming Style Guide: Command Query Separation




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